What is medCULTURE?

medCULTURE is a Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO project Initiative which serves as a versatile and multidisciplinary social effort to preserve cultural heritage and promote unity in diversity. The aim is to protect cultural liberty and celebrate differences between us through exchange projects and twinnings. Promotion of the member countries’ UNESCO world heritage is highly encouraged.


This Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO Initiative is linked to the Rotary International theme 2019/2020 “Connecting the world” and 2 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.


SDG 16


SDG 17


Join the medCulture #Challenge

Let’s join the Free Intelligent Conversation movement and celebrate each other’s differences! For the first time, we will be partnering with Rotaract Europe on a joint movement to build bridges across cultures!



“Our differences provide an opportunity to learn from one another and we believe that is reason enough to seek each other out. The best way to learn from each other is to engage in intelligent conversation. An intelligent conversation is one where we gain knowledge from whom we are speaking. We create places where we seek out, learn from, and celebrate each other’s differences through intelligent conversations.”